Suddenly The Moon

Zahra Partovi & Susan Weil

Publication date: 2013

Suddenly The Moon, formatted and printed in a limited edition of 70 copies by O. Ruby Productions, is a collection of music pieces by composer Zahra Partovi and images by Susan Weil. Each copy is numbered and signed by both composer and artist.

The music pieces in this book were composed as assignments for the composition class of Professor Robinson McClellan at Lucy Moses School of Music in New York City between 2011 and 2013.

Grateful acknowledgements to: Susan Weil, Robinson McClellan, Lucy Moses School of Music, performers, Vincent FitzGerald, David Young and Charylu Roberts of O. Ruby Productions.

Music Performance by:

Benjamin Baron

Caroline Chin

Ming Fong

James Johnston

Kelli Kathman

Brian Snow

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